An Offseason for the Ages

Tyler Bozak is a key addition to the 2018/19 Blues roster.

Wow. I am stunned and amazed. Never in a million years did I expect to see the kind of offseason the Blues are having. It almost surpasses my wildest dreams. Not since I woke up on July 2nd, several years ago, to see that the Blues had signed Paul Kariya, have I been so excited about the Blues.

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Trade Candidate: Jason Spezza

Center Jason Spezza had an awful season offensively for the Dallas Stars.


I was looking at the stats of notable centers around the league recently. I confess that sometimes I create teams with the armchair GM tool on Cap Friendly  It’s fun to play like I’m Doug Armstrong and pull off trades for impact forwards.

I came across Jason Spezza’s numbers for the 2017-18 season. Wow.

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Suck it Vegas

You’ll be sad all summer, Knights.

To be perfectly honest, I’m relieved that the Golden Knights failed to win the Stanley Cup in their inaugural season. How would winning a Cup have been fair, at all? It wouldn’t.

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